Are these actually food-safe?

Yes, so long as you’re not heating them up to over 120° F with the dough sitting in them. I use ABS Plastic (rather than PLA, which is the alternative I could use with my printers) specifically because it’s been around long enough to have been deemed food-safe, and it has a much higher melting point (it can get much hotter before there's any risk of plastic contamination).

The only time it’s not safe to have in contact with food is if it’s heated up – only then can plastic contamination occur. Think of anytime you’ve had a plastic container and put something like spaghetti-Os or something similar (tomato sauce) in the microwave and you’ve ended up with a reddish stain on that container forever. That’s a sign that you’re using a not-food-safe plastic. When plastic is heated up, it can lead to plastic contamination in both ways - food can stain the plastic, and the plastic can contaminate the food. In any case, these cutters won’t have any contamination under normal use because your dough should be room temperature or cooler. The only worry is if you heat them up in the microwave or oven, which obviously, you shouldn’t do.

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