Can you handle large bulk-orders? Do you offer discounts if I order in bulk?

Short Answer - No.

Long Answer - For traditional manufacturing of plastic objects, you create molds out of blocks of machined aluminium, and the aluminium block can be anywhere from $500-$1500 depending on how big it is. (This is why I don't do injection molding.) Once the mold is made, creating large numbers of plastic objects from that mold is extremely cheap. You just fill it with melted plastic, separate the mold, remove plastic item, repeat. It takes less than a minute per item. Since the initial expense is in creating the mold, and the quantity after that is inconsequential, (and a large quantity ordered makes the expense of the mold more worthwhile) many places offer a discount if you order a large quantity of the same items.

This is, unfortunately, not the case for how I am producing my products. In the case of 3D printing, each individual cutter is produced, one at a time, and each cutter takes TWO HOURS to make.

Every cutter costs me the same amount of time and expense in plastics. As a result, producing in bulk is very time-consuming and difficult. If you order 20 Peppa pig sets, that's going to require one of my machines to be running, non-stop, all day, to get your order filled. One machine, filling one order, and taking an entire day to do it. For this reason, I ask that people please do not come here expecting bulk production.

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